The red plastic fish and the Moon

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The red plastic fish and the Moon”, it is a book that talks about a little fish, which is made of plastic!- Is it true?- Yes, it’s true! He talks about his dreams, which he shares with his friend the Moon every moonlit night. With her, the little fish learns that there is much more besides the store window, where he is exposed and that always makes him very curious!The little fish feels a dream growing inside of him but he only shares it with his friend Moon. The words of the Moon, in the face of the little fish’s dream, were: “What seems impossible today, tomorrow is possible”. These words made the little fish excited and felt a huge hope growing in him for therealization of his dream! Finally it happened! A boy and his mother took him out of that window!Free and heading to the sea! How the boy had fun with him on the beach! And the little red plastic fish had fun, too!But…Something unexpected has happened!To find out what it was, dive into this story of “The red plastic fish and the Moon!